Fresh, fast and focused; Supplying the region's groceries since 1962.


Emsons food and beverage division is one of the groups oldest and most renowned business units, earning the trust and loyalty of customers over the years by always providing a reliable and consistent service. Our flexible approach enriched by in-depth local knowledge, has positioned us as the premium supplier of food in the UAE for decades, distributing premium quality brands to all retail formats, safely and efficiently.

The division continues to perform strongly each year thanks to the solid partnerships that we hold with global brands and our long-standing, dedicated teams of professionals, who routinely undergo elite training to apprise them of the latest best-practice and protocol. Their high level of competency and experience allows them to deliver a fully integrated selection of services, regularly exceeding our client’s expectations.

Recognizing the caliber of our clients and employees, we operate a world-class environment, by installing state-of-the art equipment and safety standards in-house and in the field. Our facilities are all HACCP certified and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they adhere to the highest security and control standards, with 24-hour a day surveillance; whilst our fleet of delivery vehicles are all GPS enabled, allowing remote tracking and temperature control for real-time fleet management.

It is the meticulous care and consideration taken at each step of our organization that has allowed us to achieve the extensive brand portfolio that we have today and to consistently increase the volumes of products that we dispatch promptly and reliably each year. Hand in hand, we look forward to the decades to come.


Type of Channel EMSONS F & B Coverage
Hypermarket / Supermarket 500
Mini Market / Self Service 400
Large Grocery 535
Small Grocery 1125
Petrol Station 336
Wholesaler 60
Duty Free 6
Total 2,962
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